GS칼텍스 Value No.1
Energy & Chemical Partner

Founded in 1967 as Korea's first private oil refiner, GS Caltex set a new standard in the petroleum industry in Korea and plays a critical role in driving the export of oil and petroleum products. Through continuous investment and commitment to the petroleum & petrochemical business, we are taking major steps toward becoming a leading energy enterprise in the global market.

GSCaltex Facilities

GSCaltex is the 4th largest single-site oil refinery in the world

  • Crude oil refining
    800,000 BPSD
  • Heavy oil upgrading
    274,000 BPSD
  • Aromatics
    2.0 mil MTA
  • Polypropylene
    180,000 MTA
  • Lube base oil
    26,000 BPSD
  • Lubricants
    9,000 BPSD


GS칼텍스 kixx
  • 2017. 03 Kixx strengthens its position as a leading global lubricant brand
    Kixx announced its slogan of "All Ways With You" and re-established its brand system as a powerful lubricant brand selling both vehicle and industrial lubricants.
    • 2017. 03
      Re-established Kixx lubricant brand systems and announced slogan (All Ways With You)
    • 2014. 01
      Declared new vision: “Value No. 1 Energy & Chemical Partner”
    • 2012. 12
      Awarded for $25 billion in exports
  • 2010~2012 Expanded global operations
    February, 2010: Founded Indian corporation; opened branch in Moscow in February, 2012; founded Chinese corporation in September and laid the cornerstone for expanding global operations.
    • 2012. 09
      Founded Chinese corporation.
    • 2012. 02
      Opened Moscow branch
    • 2011. 07
      Expanded Yeosu base oil factory (daily output 26,000 barrels)
    • 2010. 02
      Founded Indian corporation
    • 2009. 06
      Expanded Yeosu base oil factory (daily output 23,000 barrels)
    • 2007. 12
      Opened Beijing branch
  • 2007. 08 Completed construction of Yeosu base oil factory
    Yeosu base oil factory, with the 4th largest production in the world, produces high-quality, environmentally-friendly products using cutting-edge hydro-cracking to satisfy the strict requirements of domestic and international lubricant manufacturers.
    • 2007. 08
      Completed construction of Yeosu base oil factory (daily production 16,000 barrels)
  • 2005. 09 Kixx released a lubricant brand for vehicles
    Kixx began as a lubricant brand for vehicles with products suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles and was very well received due to its fast, powerful, dynamic image and outstanding performance.
    • 2005. 09
      Kixx released as a new brand of lubricants
    • 2005. 03
      Changed name to GS Caltex
    • 1986. 01
      Founded technical laboratory
  • 1969. 11 Operated Incheon lubricant factory
    Our Incheon lubricant factory is recognized in the global market for its excellent products and technical skills based on constant production efficiency and quality improvement and has production power of 9,000 barrels of lubricants per day and 8,000 tons of grease per year.
    • 1969. 11
      Completed construction of Incheon lubricant factory
    • 1969. 06
      Completed construction of Yeosu factory
  • 1967. 05 Founded Honam Oil Refinery, Ltd.
    Honam Oil Refinery, opened as Korea's first private oil refinery and founded jointly by Korea's Lucky Geumseong Group and the American Caltex, changed its name to LG-Caltex Oil Refinery in 1996 and to GS Caltex in 2005.
    • 1967. 05
      Establishment of Honam Oil Refinery, Ltd.
    • 1966. 12
      Signed joint investment contract with Caltex from the US