Kixx Electric Vehicle Fluid,
Delivering Powerful Performance for a New Era

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

The era of eco-friendly automobiles is fast approaching. Once considered the stuff of science fiction, vehicles powered by sustainable energy sources are now a reality. This fundamental transformation of the automobile industry is driven in large part by the arrival of the electric vehicle.
Changes in consumer behavior coupled with active policy support and investment by governments and the private sector have led to the dramatic growth of EVs. From sedans and SUVs to trucks and even sports cars, there is now a wide range of EVs designed to meet different needs.

Electric Vehicle Fluid Brand

Maximizing the performance of EVs

“To keep pace with the innovations of the automotive industry,
Kixx has developed a new product line that is optimized for EVs.”

EVs are packed with technology that are significantly different from vehicles with internal combustion engines. All these components require specialized fluids and lubricants to maximize performance and efficiency.

Electric motors in EVs run at a much higher RPM than ICEs and generate massive amounts of heat. Therefore, they need specially formulated lubricants to minimize electrical conductivity, and prevent wear and heat dissipation. The batteries in EVs also need coolants to regulate the temperature and improve efficiency. The demand for specialized lubricants and fluids will only increase as EVs continue to diversify and new technologies, such as large-capacity batteries, emerge.

Formulated with GS Caltex's high-quality base oil and high-performing additives, Kixx Electric Vehicle Fluid range delivers improved durability and efficiency for EVs. By conducting in-depth research and working closely with manufacturers, Kixx will continue to develop lubricants and fluids to help drivers of EVs get the best out of their cars.

E-Transmission Fluid

Unlike internal combustion engines, electric motors in EVs have a much wider operating range and could generate sufficient torque and operate effectively with a fixed-ratio gearbox. e-Transmission Fluid plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the powertrain while protecting all the components that transmit power from the motor to the wheels in response to the rapid speed change. There are two options available in Kixx's e-Transmission Fluid lineup – Kixx EV Motor Reducer Oil and Kixx EV Integrated Fluid. Kixx EV Motor Reducer Oil is optimized for EVs with separate motor and reducer, while Kixx EV Integrated Fluid is formulated for EVs with integrated powertrains.

E-Thermal Fluid

Keeping the batteries running at the optimal temperature is key to maximizing the efficiency of EVs. As the battery capacity and performance of EVs continue to improve, drivers will need to ensure their vehicles are equipped with effective cooling solutions. Kixx EV Thermal Fluid delivers effective temperature control for EV batteries.