Industrial Turbine Oil

Industrial Turbine Oil High Performance Gas Turbine Oil


Kixx Turbine GT is a premium performance, specially inhibited turbine oil designed for the lubrication of modern, high severity, heavy-duty industrial gas turbines. Contains highly effective rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors and is formulated to provide good air release properties and good oxidation stability.



• All types of heavy-duty, stationary industrial gas turbines, particularly where reservoir oil temperatures are up to 100°C, and gas temperatures in the bearing housings may reach 400°C
• Turbine gear sets and other related equipment where turbine oils without enhanced load carrying capacity are suitable
• High temperature, high pressure steam turbines
• All rotating machinery in gas and steam combined cycle cogeneration units.
• For aviation-type gas turbines in non-aviation service.


• Meets the requirements of major turbine builders including GE, Westinghouse, ABB and Siemens
• General Electric GEK-46506D & 32568E


Long service life assured by outstanding resistance
Excellent thermal and oxidation Stability
Excellent Filterability even in the presence of water and non turbine oil contaminants such as hydraulic oils.

Maintains high power output by resisting air entrainment in oil circulation

Allows easy removal of water
Robust demulsibility control such that excess water, which is commonplace in steam turbines, can be drained easily from the lubrication system, minimizing corrosion and premature wear.

Protects against rust and corrosion
Prevents the formation of rust and guards against the onset of corrosion ensuring the protection of the equipment following exposure to humidity or water during operation and during shut down.

Allows one oil to be used for both turbine and non-turbine application