Kixx AF Coolant HD

Kixx AF Coolant HD Top Performance Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant


Kixx AF Coolant HD is an Extended Life Antifreeze Coolants based on ethylene glycol and phosphate using Hybrid Organic Acid Technology(HOAT) without amine, borate, nitrate and silicate. It has been designed for use and can be used in all models of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications especially for heavy duty use. It will provide extended protection against rust, erosion, galvanized corrosion and pitting caused by cavitation for all coolant system metals, including aluminum. It offers excellent protection against temperature extremes, preventing freeze-up and boil over when used in accordance with OEM and product manufacturer’s guidelines regarding product dilution. The superior performance and stability of this premium extended life corrosion inhibitor package allows the product to go on working well beyond the lifetime of traditional products.



• Large trucks and buses, automotive vehicles, cars, such as for filling and supplement.
• Industrial vehicles, machinery and equipment, filling and cooling system supplement.
• Marine institutions of cooling device filling and supplement.
• Aircraft de-ice for the filling and supplement.


• ASTM D 3306, D 4985, D 6210
• JIS K 2234
• KS M 2142


When used as a 50% coolant in softened or de-ionized water, Kixx AF Coolant HD offers the following advantages
• Compatible with other extended life heavy duty diesel coolants such as Caterpillar ELC.
• Compatible with Coolant Extenders currently used with OAT based heavy duty diesel coolants.
• Does not require the use of traditional SCAs(Supplemental Coolant Additives).
• Hard water compatible.
• Excellent liner cavitation protection.
• Excellent high temperature aluminium protection.
• Can be used 10 years or 200,000km for passenger car.

Freezing and boiling protection provided by various concentrations of Kixx AF Coolant HD are as follows: