Kixx D1 RV

Kixx D1 RV High grade diesel engine oil providing excellent protection


Kixx D1 RV is formulated with the latest VHVI synthetic base oil combined with additive technology that produces minimum sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur contents to meet the requirement of low SAPS oil. Kixx D1 RV is suitable for passenger car mounted with gasoline or diesel engines, as well as SUV and RV. Kixx D1 RV maintains engine durability while helps in extending the life of DPF and helps in increasing DPF performance by using additive of minimum sulfated ash contents. Kixx D1 RV also helps extending the life of emission after-treatment device such as SCR by introducing low phosphorous and sulfur content additive technology.



• SUV and RV equipped with DPF, SCR and other emission after-treatment system where an ACEA C3 performance engine oil is required.
• Light duty diesel engines and gasoline direct injection engines.
• Passenger cars where the manufacturers recommend API SN spec oils.
• Vehicles that requires MB, BMW specification performance.


• ACEA C3-16
•  MB 229.31/51/52, BMW LL-04, VW 502.00/505.01, GM dexos2 Recommended


Excellent Engine Protection
High performance anti-wear additive and leading edge viscosity modifier deliver maximum wear protection and excellent shear stability. Superior low temperature properties provide excellent lubrication and engine protection for HEV that needs to go through frequent engine start up during mode transition.Maximized Fuel Efficiency
Premium synthetic base oils and advanced friction modifiers provide reduction of friction, ensuring improved engine performance and maximized fuel efficiency. Specially tailored viscosity characteristics(low viscosity grade) improve oil flow and reduce friction resistance, consequently providing higher engine efficiency.Extended Oil Drainage Interval
Excellent oxidation stability and shear stability extend the engine oil drain interval.