Kixx Turbine EP

Kixx Turbine EP Turbine Oil With Gear Cases, Bearings



Kixx Turbine EP is high-quality rust and oxidation oil with extreme pressure characteristics. It is formulated from premium quality, chemically stable, high VI base stocks, which are further enhanced by the addition of oxidation inhibitors. It is designed primarily for use in industrial gas and steam turbines including those with reduction gear sets.



• Stationary industrial gas and steam turbines
• Stationary industrial gas turbines with reduction gear sets
• Industrial gas turbines in severe service
• Hydraulic turbines
• Rotating machinery in gas and steam combined-cycle cogeneration units
• Bath and circulating systems supplying moderately loaded gear sets, low pressure hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, rolling element bearings, machine tools, conveyors, and electric motors
• Air compressors, turbo-blowers and centrifugal pumps requiring a rust and oxidation inhibited, antiwear oil
• Do not use in breathing air apparatus or medical equipment.
• Do not use in aviation-derivative gas turbines


• Alstom HTGD 90117
• ASTM D4304-Type II
• British Standards BS 489
• Cincinnati Machine P-38
• German Standard DIN 51515 Part 1 DIN 51515 Part 2
• General Electric GEK 27070 GEK 28143B GEK 32568F GEK 101941A
• International Standards ISO 8068 AR, B ISO 8068 TGE
• Japanese Industrial Standard JIS K2213 Type 2
• MAN Turbo & Diesel TQL T2
• Siemens TLV 9013 04 for turbosets with and without gearboxes
• TLV 9013 05 for turbosets with and without gearboxes


• Foam inhibition helps prevent sump overflow and erratic governor operation.
• Anti-wear additive system forms a protective chemical film on loaded gear tooth surfaces to assist in reducing wear and scuffing
• Premium base stocks and inhibitor system provide outstanding long-term oxidation stability to resist oil breakdown
• Premium base oils and oxidation inhibitor system resist the formation of harmful deposits in high temperature bearings and other hot areas of the turbine. The rust inhibitor protects system components against corrosion. Good water separability ensures rapid settling of water accumulated from steam condensate or leakage from salt water cooling.
• Non-silicone foam inhibitor allows rapid release of entrained air while minimizing foam formation to enable reliable operation of sensitive hydraulic control devices. The multipurpose nature of the formulation allows it to be used in a wide range of industrial applications, potentially simplifying oil inventories and reducing the possibility of using the wrong lubricant.