Kixx Ultra 2T

Kixx Ultra 2T High grade engine oil, the perfect fit for two-stroke motorcycles


Kixx Ultra 2T is a high-performance, two-stroke motorcycle oil formulated with a low-ash additive system. It is available in one SAE fluidity/miscibility grade, F/M 2, as preferred by oil-injection systems. It is prediluted with a special solvent that permits ready mixing with gasoline over a wide temperature range. Dyed distinctively to aid in identifying its presence in fuel/ oil mixtures.



• Satisfies the performance needs of those manufacturers of twostroke engines who allow the use of JASO FB oils.
• Recommended for over-the-road service in all two-stroke motorcycle engines, either oil-injected or using a premix of gasoline and oil.
• Manufacturers recommended gasoline-to-oil ratios, up to 50:1, should be used for premixes of gasoline and oil.
• Suitable for use in two-stroke portable power equipment except the most severe chainsaw applications.
• Not recommended for use in ash-sensitive, water-cooled. two-stroke outboard engines.
• Should not be used in with small air-cooled engines which operate at gasoline-to-oil ratios below 25:1
• Should not be used in any four-stroke engines.


Meets JASO FB, the Global GB category and API TC for air-cooled, two-stroke engines


• Maximizes time between overhauls by minimizing scuffing, wear and deposits.
• Protects against preignition.
• Maximizes engine life by controlling the deposits which lead to ring sticking.
• Maximizes spark plug life by reducing fouling.
• Easy to mix with gasoline.