Kixx Ultra 4T SN

Kixx Ultra 4T SN Top grade engine oil, the perfect fit for four-stroke motorcycles


Kixx Ultra 4T SN is a premium performance, shear-stable, multi- grade gasoline engine oil specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycles and portable power equipment requiring API SN JASO MA / MA2 lubricants, including high output engines operating in severe service.



• Air and liquid-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines
• Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance motorcycle engines
• Motorcycles with and without oil immersed clutches
• Motorcycles with combined engine/transmission units or separate gear boxes where a multi-grade engine oil is specified
• Motorcycles with back torque limiters
• Motorcycles with exhaust catalytic converters
• Latest generation, four-stroke scooter engines
• Four-stroke gasoline engines fitted to portable power equipment, such as generators, mowers, etc.


API SN Recommended
• JASO MA2 Approved


Prolongs engine life
Proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system reduces wear of highly stressed engine components under severe operating conditions.

Saves on maintenance
High oxidation stability resists oil breakdown under the severe heat stress generated by modern engines, enabling the lubricant to do its primary job of providing effective protection for stressed components.

Lively throttle response
Highly effective detergent/dispersant additive system ensures excellent control of piston ring belt deposits for very good power release and acceleration. Correct frictional characteristics enable smooth operation of wet clutches and back torque limiters.

Good all-temperature protection
Highly shear stable viscosity index improver additive minimizes shear-thinning, particularly in the gearbox, and resists breakdown under the high stresses which occur at high rotational speeds, to provide the correct oil viscosity for protection at both start-up and during high temperature operation.